Member Teaching Philosophy

I believe in education for empowerment in moral, religious, social, political, economic and individual life (Jordan et al, 2008). This is through acquisition of relevant knowledge, skills and values. My role in education is that of an agent; to serve society. This I accomplish by designing the learning process (lessons, assessment and feedback) in such a way that it is interactive, practical and relevant to individual, institutional and societal needs.

Mary Omingo Ph.D

Strathmore University

Student centered learning to encourage deep thinking.

John Branya Ph.D.

Education for All Children

Students have prior knowledge and skills that they bring with them to class. My role is facilitation, to bring out what they know and to lead them to discover what they do not know through problem solving and knowledge creation. I find myself as a partner in the learning process.

Mary Kiguru Ph.D. Researcher

United States International University

I am interested in development in the area of growing inclusive markets, educational effectiveness, quality assurance and environmental impact assessment.

Damary Sikalieh Ph.D.

Africa Nazarene University

Learning by doing cannot be overstated. It is therefore my duty to help facilitate and promote critical thinking through practical engagement with theoretical underpinning

Kendi Muchungi Ph.D

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