SPHEIR Project

Transforming Employability for Social Economic Change in East Africa (TESCEA)

TESCEA will help young people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to use their skills and ideas to tackle social and economic problems. It will support universities to better prepare graduates to secure employment, act entrepreneurially to create their own jobs, or meet community needs as social entrepreneurs. TESCEA will also develop a scalable model that can assist other universities in the future. By transforming university teaching and learning, embedding critical thinking and problem solving skills in curricula and pedagogy, and forging stronger connections with employers and communities.


International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications– INASP (UK)

Lead Partner


Mzumbe University (Tanzania)

University of Dodoma (Tanzania)

Gulu University (Uganda)

Uganda Martyrs University (Uganda)

LIWA Programme Trust (Kenya)

Ashoka East Africa (Kenya)

MTS Project

Multiplier-Based Training in Kenyan Universities

It is a continuous, intermittent in-house training for section heads and chairs to build their management capacity. The program will also aim at strengthening the pedagogical competences. As a result, the recipients will not only enhance their managerial skills but also their pedagogical skills. The goal of the project is the development, implementation and testing of a national on-site training that is complemented with an integrated e-learning under the supervision of the TUD to the development of skills over the Internet.


Dresden University of Technology [TUD] (Germany)

Lead Partner

Host: - Kenya Methodist University (Kenya) AFELT (Kenya)

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